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July 31

From zero to hero? The Bluebeards Revenge manliest of manes hair challenge…

When Bluebeards Revenge put it out there they were launching a new range of hair styling products with a bloggers ‘hair-off’, I jumped on it like a horny dog to a spare leg. Having admired the brand for a while, I was keen to see how their latest products would turn out. Back in 2011 […]

the-babadook-rant-and-rave-review October 27

The Babadook review: Does it live up to the hype?

I have to admit that after watching the first trailer for Jennifer Kent’s debut feature The Babadook, I wasn’t blown away, and thought it would be another film in the style of Insidious or Sinister; worth a watch, but nothing classic. Then as the release grew nearer, the five-star reviews came flooding in, hailing it […]

September 30

Leeds LaughterFEST: Ben Randm and co set to make Leeds p*ss its pants

Bradford born funny man and all round decent chap Ben Randm has been championing the flourishing Yorkshire comedy scene for some years now, and is about to bestow five days of sh!ts and giggles upon the city of Leeds with Leeds LaughterFEST. The festival is as varied as they come, covering every avenue of comedy with […]

jim'll-paint-it-madonna July 18

Jim’ll Paint it: Bringing anarchic art to your coffee table

There are few things I find truly amusing on Facebook these days. From cheap, crummy GIFs with wanky inspirational messages, crap dinners, ugly babies to invitations to join diet shake peddling pyramid scams; it’s all incredibly mundane. Then there’s Jim’ll Paint it – an anarchic artist who uses Microsoft Paint to illustrate bizarre requests from […]

July 04

Razorpit Review: shave a small fortune off your razor bill

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending money on razor blades. With every new Gillette release, the price seems to go up and up, but yet the quality of the blade remains exactly the same.I had noticed the Razorpit blade sharpener being sold on a few sites a couple of years ago, and […]