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the-babadook-rant-and-rave-review October 27

The Babadook review: Does it live up to the hype?

I have to admit that after watching the first trailer for Jennifer Kent’s debut feature The Babadook, I wasn’t blown away, and thought it would be another film in the style of Insidious or Sinister; worth a watch, but nothing classic. Then as the release grew nearer, the five-star reviews came flooding in, hailing it […]

the-guest-rant-and-rave September 03

Four new films to restore your faith in cinema

Good films these days seem to be few and far between, and bona-fide classics are even rarer. Look through the latest cinema listings and you’re likely to find a slew of yawn-inducing flicks with synopses that should read something along the lines of: Honeymoon Sex Tape – Overtly crude and un-funny sex rom-com starring Cameron […]