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March 01

Chida Cantina: The best tacos and tequila in Leeds?

When I hear the news that a bar or restaurant has shut down in Leeds, I often find myself thinking ‘Yeah, well it was a bit shit wasn’t it?’ But, this of course wasn’t the case with Sandinista. The Latin-inspired watering hole had become part of the furniture in the thriving Northern Quarter, and so […]

February 13

The Cocktail Experience press preview: Leeds set for a boozy treat

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than an evening at Aspire drinking the finest cocktails Leeds has to offer? Yes, The Cocktail Experience is back after a blistering sell-out event last October, and like all the best sequels, it promises to be bigger, better, bolder and boozier (think more […]

May 26

Cannon and Cannon @ Friends of Ham review

Once you’ve got a degree in gin, where do you go? Okay, so tell a lie – I attended Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen a few weeks back to sample their goods and received a quite brilliant lesson on the history of booze. I feel that sort of makes me an expert. Well, imagine my delight […]

May 15

Fine mother’s ruin at Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen

An invitation to a Tuesday night history lesson would usually be met with a polite ‘thanks but no thanks – see you next Tuesday’, however, given it was to be held at Old Toms Gin Kitchen, I was sold. So, off I went like the freeloading blogger that I am, to sample the latest wares offered by […]

April 22

Mr Nobody review: Mysterious chef whips up a culinary treat

When you scan a menu that includes dishes as diverse as Flank of Royal Beef Estate, Stonebass Fish and Scraps and Frogs Legs, you know your taste buds are in for a treat. The elusive Mr Nobody arrived on Lower-Briggate last month, and has managed to bring the good people of Leeds something fresh, with […]

dj oracle bubbles and brunch April 13

Bubbles and Brunch: Oracle review

Dubai and London have been championing the boozy brunch culture for years, but it has only really taken off in Leeds in the last six months or so. Perhaps it all seemed a little pretentious and poncey for us no-nonsense northerners, but we finally seem to be warming to its charms. Oracle Bar launched their […]

October 05

Bar Soba review: Pan Asian perfection

I admit to being taken aback in early 2015 when I heard a new bar brand was heading to Leeds from Glasgow to serve up pan-Asian street food. We’ve got plenty of decent Thai, Japanese and Chinese restaurants here as it is, so what could Bar Soba really bring to the table? Well, first off […]

the-alchemist-trinity September 11

Boozy Saturday brunch at The Alchemist: Breakfast and cocktails review

It’s been just over two years since The Alchemist flung open its grand entrance to the people of Leeds, instantly filling a gap in the market for those that like to enjoy adventurous cocktails in a decadent setting that looks more New York than Yorkshire. Now it’s hard to imagine the city without it and […]

September 09

Lazy Sunday pool, pints and pizza: Slate NQ review

What does it take to drag me away from my couch where I can eat rubbish and watch films all day on a lazy Sunday? Quite a lot actually. However, my arm can be twisted quite easily by a few beers, some comfort food and a few games of pool rounded off with some cocktails. […]

August 20

Dirty food porn: Almost Famous unleash daring new menu

It’s now a year since Almost Famous opened its rather inconspicuous doors (discreetly located just next door to Nation of Shopkeepers) in Leeds having enjoyed great success in Manchester with two busy restaurants. Bursting onto the scene in 2012, they have gone on to grow a brand which has a unique personality, big enough to […]