About Fletch

Jordan Fletcher is a writer for one of the U.K’s leading digital marketing agencies, as well as a Lifestyle Journalist (whatever the *uck that means) for City Dweller Magazine. Here he writes restaurant and bar reviews, as well as his own ‘Rant and Rave’ column.

For the last three years he has also appeared on the judging panel at the annual Miss Leeds event, where nobody knew who he was.

He has amassed a number of impressive accolades over the years, including several G.C.S.E’s (consisting of a ‘B’, a ‘D’ and a shit load of ‘C’s’), First Direct Bank Rear of the Year 1999, and…that’s it. His career in writing was completely by chance when one day, an amusing, banter-filled Facebook status he wrote got close to 30 likes.

Shocked at his own comic brilliance, he knew he had to bring his talent to the masses, and embarked on a half-arsed attempt to turn his passion into a career.

Tragedy struck in 2013 when he was made redundant, and he somehow bagged a job in digital marketing,  and after a year of dicking about, his BLOG finally arrived too (this is it by the way). During the winter months of November and December, he gets to enjoy his other passion – karaoke singing.

His rendition of Frank Sinatra Christmas standard ‘Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!’ is the only song he likes to sing, and has been witnessed by around a dozen people – comments about the performance included ‘Quite good’, ‘Not bad’, and ‘What a pri*k’.

If you’d like him to review your restaurant/bar, attend your launch,  or offer him free stuff in exchange for nothing, then his email address is fletchrantandrave@gmail.com

Also find him on Facebook and Twitter.