Put that burger down fat boy – Nourish is in town!

Having been to sample the brand new Five Guys on Monday (which is essentially a posh McDonalds), I couldn’t have found myself in a more different fast food joint when I attended the Nourish press launch.

Nestled in between Pret and Greggs on Bond Street, Nourish has to be one of the most anticipated restaurants in recent memory, well at least to the super-healthy Leeds citizens who have apparently known about this for several weeks. Rather tellingly, I only learned of its existence last week.


As someone who gets incredibly excited about the launch of a new burger joint or steak house (which seems to be most weeks of late), I wasn’t quite sure what I’d make to this venture but went along with an open mind.

My version of a nutritious, healthy diet involves eating healthy salads and all the rest of it during the week, then drinking my own body weight twice over in booze and troughing down burgers like a gluttonous pig all weekend.

Funnily enough, Nourish have very different ideas as to the meaning of a healthy and nutritious diet, as I soon found out.


Green Tea Poached Salmon

Walking into the restaurant, the white walls, faux grass floors and rustic wooden furniture make for an ideal health haven for body worshippers to feast.

The fat one from TOWIE would hate it in here. In fact, she’d probably burst into flames on entry.

I was ushered upstairs to be faced with a sea of bloggers and journalists, all keen to sample the wares and to find out what makes Nourish tick.

Owner and nutritionist, David Stache, was with us for the duration and talked us through the food we were being served and explained how his business came about.


David Stache works the room

On paper, sampling food from a healthy restaurant whilst the owner runs through the ingredients sounds like my idea of hell, but it couldn’t have been further from this.

David was funny, entertaining and most importantly, very honest and knowledgeable, speaking frankly about his food and nutrition.

He quite literally had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand (ba-dum-chhhh).

So onto the food. I must have sampled six or seven dishes throughout the two hour session and several stood out.

Salmon to me is something I eat once a week, purely to get my omega hit, but the Green Tea Poached Salmon Salad (5.45) was to die for. Really meaty, cooked perfectly and without that strong, fishy smell you often get that really isn’t my thing. Awesome.

FullSizeRender (10)

The Mango, Black Bean and Cashew Salad (4.45) was fresh and fruity, complimented with almond butter, honey and soy sauce. Delicious.

A few other dishes for me required a bit more oomph and would have benefitted from being seasoned with a few more spices; perhaps in time this is something Nourish will incorporate into their menu later (e.g., spicy and non-spicy versions of certain dishes). That said, they are well stocked with Tabasco sauce for those that require some heat.

Drinks wise, the Almond Butter Chia smoothie was the clear winner, tasting so darn good it was hard to believe it was a healthy shake.


Almond Butter Chia Smoothie – a million times more delicious than it sounds

As we ate, David explained the story of Nourish and aired his frustration with being labelled an entrepreneur. Technically, he does possess all the traits that we associate with entrepreneurial types, but I can see how he feels uncomfortable with this tag.

FullSizeRender_1 (5)

The word entrepreneur conjures up an image of a smarmy southern douche bag in a suit, blowing smoke up Lord Sugars arse on The Apprentice and David is anything but that.

A man on a mission to educate Leeds and beyond about what we eat, this is a guy who looks set to go far, in a country that is slowly waking up to the benefits of healthy eating.

I’m not going to be taking Get Baked’s number of speed dial just yet, but I will be back to Nourish to sample their extensive menu. Everyone’s been raving about their pesto poached eggs on sweet baked potato, which does sound like a winner.

Read my full review of the main menu in the forthcoming 100th issue of City Dweller, which will be online within the next fortnight and in Leeds’ bars and restaurants shortly after.

Nourish, 31 Bond Street, Leeds, LS1 5BQ, nourishrestaurants.com