Chill the f*ck out…Coors Light Ice Bar arrives in Leeds’ Bierkeller

Cooler than Vanilla Ice’s nut-sack on a freezing cold day in the Antarctic, the Coors Light Ice Bar has finally landed at Bierkeller to rescue you from the hot, muggy summer.

When I found out Leeds was getting its own Ice Bar, I have to say I felt a mixture of excitement and scepticism. Having been to one In Barcelona which boasted an ice sculpture of the Sagrada Familia amongst other things, I was a little unsure as to what exactly the Leeds version would feature.

A life-size version of Mel B? Maybe Keith Lemon or that bloke from Kaiser Chiefs perhaps? 10 years ago it would have been Jimmy Saville, but he fucked that one up didn’t he (now there’s a man whose name alone is enough to send shivers down your spine). Anyway, I digress.


Coors or Jagerbomb?

Although presented by Bierkeller, the ice bar itself actually sits on the top floor of Shooters (who are all part of the same company) next door, so bear that in mind if you pay a visit. With my branded Coors shawl/hoodie, I made my way into the pop-up ice bar looking slightly ridiculous.


Ice-cold Jaeger.

Once inside, the temperature was obviously incredibly bloody cold, but it was more than bearable and a welcome relief from the heat outside. Walking in, the bar is at the opposite end of the room with a miniature curling game to the right.

The walls are covered in ice-related quotes from famous people, which sounds terrible (because let’s face it, how many of them exist?), but they are actually pretty good. My favourite words of wisdom came from Brad Pitt: ‘’Being married means that I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed’’ it read.


Brad Pitt’s words of wisdom.

I’m not sure I agree with him though, as I’ve heard lots of women say they wouldn’t kick Brad Pitt out of bed for farting and I don’t think they would have to be married to him either. I think he’s been had there. Maybe he should have come to Leeds. His loss.

A gigantic polar bear sculpture stands just by the ice sofa (complete with real cushions) and I have to say it was more impressive than Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia creation.


Massive polar bear.

So is it any good? In a word, yes. So the bottles of Coors were frozen when I visited, meaning punters were drinking beer slushies, but then is that really such a bad thing? The bar isn’t huge either, but as you enter in groups for half hour slots, it’s big enough.

Ice Bars by nature are very much a gimmick, but for £5 entrance which includes a beer, wine or spirit and mixer, it’s a novel idea that isn’t going to break the bank and makes for a great photo opportunity.

Next time you’re out getting drunk in Leeds, I suggest you pay a visit – just be quick as it’s only with us until the end of August. Visit the website here for further info and group bookings.

Coors Light Ice Bar, Bierkeller, 1 South Parade, Leeds, LS1 5QL.