Almost Famous Manchester GN review: Yes, more f*cking burgers!

So on paper Almost Famous is nothing new. Another quirky burger joint with funky décor and trendy staff in a world now obsessed with US inspired grub. That said, I simply can’t resist a good burger and decided to give this place a shot based on so much glowing feedback, and I’m certainly glad I did.

We walked into the Great Northern restaurant in Manchester to be greeted by a friendly supermodel type who took our number before sending us to the bar to wait for our table – so far, so good. We then enjoyed a few pints of the Almost Famous brand beer, Danger and Mayhem (£4), whilst engaging in some chat with the bar staff.

You can’t help but notice the massive brass ape that sits in the restaurant, as well as a ton of other cool aesthetics that really add to the vibe of the place – it’s certainly a cool joint that will have the hippest of hipsters frothing into their perfectly coiffed beards. All of the aforementioned would fall flat on its face if the food was crap however, which thankfully is not the case.
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As a huge believer in flat iron steaks (M&S sell these beauties cheap as chips), I had to go for the Butter Blood and Bleu Burger (£10), which consists of a double cheeseburger, rare flat iron steak, chorizo, chillies, mustard mayo and peppercorn and bleu cheese sauce.

The ingredients kind of speak for themselves, but just to confirm, as far as burgers go, it was top notch. It was on par with Solita’s now obsolete steak and chorizo burger and Reds almighty Pit Burger (both of these joints appeared in the Shortlist guide to five star burgers so you know they’re good shit).

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My mate tucked into the Baddaboom Burger (£10), which is a mouth-watering combo consisting of a double cheeseburger, garlic butter brioche, bacon, chorizo, BBQ fried onions, marinara, parmesan and chillies. I didn’t try this myself, but the lad shovelled the lot into his chubby little gob with zero complaints, which speaks volumes.

The sides were equally awesome too. We went for two variants of the chicken wings – Redneck and Pho-king amazing (£4 per portion) which went down a treat with the blue cheese dip. The greed continued as we chose the Pig N Waffle Fries (£8) which come with pulled pork, BBQ sauce, blue cheese and chillies. The portion was huge, making them decent value for money and more than enough to share.

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I also picked up a bottle of Malbec to go with my steak burger, and the waitress went out of her way to find some in the stock room. The wine was decent quality too – £20 for a bottle of red in a restaurant doesn’t usually get you much, but this was a cracker.

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The only downside to Almost Famous is the fact you have to go to the bar to order all your drinks, but as all the staff were such a laugh, this is a very minor grumble.

Final Verdict
In a world full of sub-par burger joints, Almost Famous has got more than enough pizazz to stand head and shoulders above the competition. The food, staff, service and décor are absolutely spot-on – I can’t wait to check out their Leeds restaurant. *****

Almost Famous, Unit 2, Great Northern Warehouse, Peter Street, M3 4EJ