DJ Matt Fear joins Claude VonStroke @ RAMM: Exclusive Interview

There’s a DirtyBird heading to Leeds this bank holiday weekend, and thankfully I’m not talking about the return of Mel B. Yes, San Francisco based DJ and label owner, Claude VonStroke is headlining RAMM at Vox Club, bringing his unique brand of bass infused house and techno to Leeds to shake the city up. Needless to say, it’s going to get very dirty indeed.

I was lucky enough to catch his set in the DirtyBird room at Space, Ibiza, back in 2012, and he quite literally brought the house down, with one of the best sets I’ve heard in recent years. His 2013 Essential Mix was one of the highlights of the year, with many cuts going onto bigger, better things.


DirtyBird in town…Claude VonStroke is heading to Leeds.

He’s joined in on the 24th with one of the hottest duos in dance, Audiojack, as well as Filthy Rich, and local lad, Matt Fear. Matt has managed to build an impressive DJ career and become a regular on the Beatport top 10. Like VonStroke, he doesn’t shy away from bass, but prefers it laced with his own blend of nu-disco and house.

His spectacular sets have gone down well on home turf, as well as across the U.K and beyond. Music has taken him touring to places such as Brazil, Norway, Italy, France, Spain, India and Russia, as well as an extended tour of South America and South Africa.


We managed to catch up with Matt as he was putting down the final touches to some tracks he’s planning to drop on the night, and asked a few questions about his rising career:

Getting yourself established as a DJ and producer is getting tougher these days, so how did you get your big break?

I guess the point that my productions started to get more attention was after my remix and release of Lee M Kelsall track On the Road which went out on Hot Waves in 2011. It did quite well hitting 11 in the deep house top 100 on Beatport and making the vinyl press for Hot Waves Vol.2 with 3 other tracks. This gave me a nice leg up to get my other stuff out there and to be taken seriously.

Matt Fear in action.

Matt Fear in action.

What’s the best thing about the Leeds club scene?

I love how musical Leeds is, and how much it thrives in terms of production talent coming from here. Clubbing wise you’re never short of massive names paying us a visit on a regular basis, be it in a small and great intimate venue like Mint Club or warehouse vibes in somewhere like Canal Mills or Vox.

Who are your DJ heroes and musical influences?

My list of heroes is added to all the time, it ranges from my best pal and regular production partner Kreature, who I’ve learned a lot from in terms of production. Sound wise, David August has been a big one for me, I love my orchestral stuff and he nails the harmonies etc. with him being a trained musician. On a different note I love German Brigante and his arrangement techniques, complex but no sound gets in the way of another. Audiojack can make anything, love how their vibe changes from track to track but you can still tell it’s them. Really too many heroes to mention.

Matt Fear the ride

What’s been your biggest DJ disaster moment and how did you get through it?

I’m sure every DJ has ejected by accident after a slip of concentration or a distraction? Well I have…You’ve just got to laugh it off…clap and crack on. People would only dwell on your mistake if you react any differently!

What can we expect from your set on the 24th?

I’ve been hard at work on roughly 11 remixes and originals, some of which I’ll be playing on the night, also myself and Kreature have some joint productions to showcase as well, in between some new promos and tracks from other artists. Style wise we’ll be pumping but can always adjust to the room, so we’ll see!


Whose set are you looking forward to on the night?

Obviously I’m looking forward to seeing what Claude goes for in his set. But I genuinely am looking forward to whoever’s set I can catch – it’s a great line up, with a few different styles too.

Catch Matt, Claude and Audiojack @ RAMM on 24th August at Vox – buy tickets here.

Check out Matt Fear’s back catalogue @ Beatport here.