iT Bar: Giving burgers a much needed twist

The volume at which bars and restaurants are adding burgers to their menus these days, you’d be forgiven for thinking the damn things were only invented yesterday. Of course, they’ve been around for years, and at a guess, were probably dreamt up a century ago by some fatty who didn’t like salad. Regardless, they’ve never been bigger, and for every good burger, there’s 10 distinctly average ones kicking about.

One look at IT Bars menu online, tells you they are striving to be different, and after hearing so much positive word of mouth, I finally managed to go along to see if they lived up to expectation. Five of us dropped in on a Sunday evening, and found they’ve done a really good job on this place inside. Doesn’t seem like two minutes since they were a greasy kebab shop, nowadays it’s a funky little joint that makes great use of its small space.


iT Bar’s pig heavy Filthy Pig Burger

With an eclectic mix of rock, funk, indie and Balearic cuts, and an impressive range of tipples to suit all pallets, they were already onto a winner before we even sampled the grub. I’m not a huge fan of the recent craft beer fad, but they have plenty of other lagers either on draught or bottled to please everyone. I went for a pint of Estrella whilst we took a look at the menu.

Whilst they do serve up the usual US dishes we’ve seen elsewhere, they have been inventive enough to give them all a twist, and you really could choose any number of items on offer. For the more adventurous, there are items such as Deep South Creole Gumbo, and Stateside BBQ Shrimp, which always makes me think of Bubba from Forest Gump, God bless him.

As we were all a little tanked up from an afternoon of beers in the sun, we all opted for burgers. The Filthy Pig (9.95) was a popular choice, with three of our party opting for it. It doesn’t take Stephen Hawkins to decipher that this burger came topped with a shit load of pig, in various formats. BBQ pulled pork, streaky bacon, homemade slaw and IT Bar BBQ sauce no less – it looked great, and got the thumbs up all round.


iT Bar Vesuvius Burger, hot as hell.

Ever the spice fiend, I chose the Vesuvius (9.95), which like the volcano it’s named after, was pretty darn hot. It comes topped with spicy cheese, jalapenos, spicy chorizo, caramelised onions, Mexican cheddar and iTs very own suicide sauce. It was indeed an exceptionally good burger, and full of flavour as promised.

So the overall verdict was that this place is definitely up there with the best of the new wave burger joints in Leeds, and the staff were great fun too. I’d highly recommend a visit, and will be back soon to work my way through one of the best looking menus I’ve seen in town.

It Bar, 57-59 New Briggate, Leeds.