Jim’ll Paint it: Bringing anarchic art to your coffee table

There are few things I find truly amusing on Facebook these days. From cheap, crummy GIFs with wanky inspirational messages, crap dinners, ugly babies to invitations to join diet shake peddling pyramid scams; it’s all incredibly mundane. Then there’s Jim’ll Paint it – an anarchic artist who uses Microsoft Paint to illustrate bizarre requests from his followers.


Richard Madeley crying in an ASDA supermarket because he has lost Judy. A member of staff is comforting him and Prince is making an announcement over the Tannoy. Richard is wearing a Ben 10 T-shirt and holding a balloon

From He-Man on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, to Richard Madeley crying at an Asda Customer Service desk because he’s lost (with Prince in tow), no type of celeb, from the A to Z list, is safe. Fans will be pleased to know he’s releasing a hardback, coffee table book, entitled Electric Dreams with 216 pages of his most celebrated works. Pre-order here at Waterstones and get the title at the reduced price of £8.99.


Frankie Boyle teaching kids to swear

His talents have not gone unnoticed, with the likes of the Guardian taking note, and even, wait for it…Madonna. Yes the queen of pop decided to share Jim’s Village People painting across her social media platforms, but ever the self-absorbed narcissist, never thought to link back to the artist page or the charity for which the illustration was commissioned for (Stonewall and Human Rights Watch).


He-Man on Sun, Sex and Suspicious parents

Jim had raised around £1,400 for the charity, but imagine how much more would have been raised had such a prominent figure been involved? His response was brilliant:

Well yesterday was a wee bit frustrating to say the least. It seems my Putin painting has taken on a life of its own. Of all people, Madonna took it upon herself to share a heavily compressed, completely uncredited version on her Instagram and Facebook pages gaining nearly 40,000 likes and a further 5,800 uncredited shares.

I’m not one for pride but this did annoy me a fair amount because in not crediting me she has failed to promote the T-shirt the image is from which has so far raised £1,400 for Stonewall and Human Rights Watch. Given that her post got more than twice as many likes as the original image I can only imagine how much money could have been raised had she (or whoever runs her social media) taken the small effort to reverse-search the image on Google and credit me or at least post a link to the T-shirt.

So, feel free to post your most unflattering Madonna requests below. Also, the original T-shirt can be found here with £5 from every sale split between Stonewall and Human Rights Watch. 

…and the winning request was ‘Madonna drying out cigarette ends under a hand drier in the ladies toilets in Wetherspoons.” Here it is in all its glory below. Madonna didn’t ‘like’ or share this one, funny that.


Madonna drying out fags under the hand dryer in Wetherspoons – Jim’ll Paint It

For more Jim’ll Paint it, check him out on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

Electric Dreams: The Collected Works of Jim’ll Paint It is released on October 2, 2014.