Eric Prydz profile: Dance maestro returns to Leeds


It’s hard to believe it has been 10 years since Eric Prydz topped the UK charts for five weeks with his infectiously whiffy, cheddar cheese dance anthem ‘Call on Me’. A huge amount of the songs success was of course, down to the tacky, Jane Fonda inspired, soft porn music video – it even spawned a terrible workout DVD, with the increasingly soulless Ministry of Sound lapping up profit, left right and centre.

'Call on Me? Nothing to do with me mate, get fucked'.

‘Call on Me? Nothing to do with me mate, get fucked’.

Just for the record, Prydz did not agree to the way the video turned out, and subsequently distanced himself from the song, focussing on building a credible career with longevity (bet he took a phat pay-check mind, but man’s gotta’ live right?). Well it worked, and today he’s recognised as one of the world’s most in demand DJ’s.

He began putting a mixture of house, trance techno influenced tracks out from his own label ‘Mouseville’, under the pseudonym ‘Cirez D’ and ‘Pryda’. Whilst he occasionally dipped his toe back into commercial success (Remember the Pink Floyd sampling ‘Proper Education’ and ‘Pjanoo’?), he never went down the David Guetta route of appearing in his own videos like a complete bell end. Respect.

Nowadays, he’s a  globetrotting big boy, shifting between Miami, Ibiza, Vegas and everywhere in-between – a bit like Pitbull in that J-Lo song, only not as lame. Check out his blistering live mix below from EDC in Las Vegas a few weeks back, it has gone down a storm on Soundcloud and YouTube.

Prydz is returning to Leeds on Friday 25 July after a five year hiatus, where he will be playing at Mint Warehouse, with support in the shape of Matt Cooper B2B with Filthy Rich, and room two is hosted by Beatstreet. There are a handful of tickets left available, check out the link here, and come find out why Pete Tong awarded the man Essential Mix of 2013.

Eric Prydz, live @ Mint Warehouse, Leeds, Friday 25 July. Doors 23:00-6:00