Live the Hi-Life in Leeds: 241 at some of the city’s best restaurants

Everybody likes a freebie, and none more so than us notoriously tight, Yorkshire folk. Take advantage of this free six month membership offer at Hi-Life, from Student Money Saver, and you can enjoy 241 dining at some of Leeds best restaurants, leaving you plenty of spare cash to spend on alcohol and other stuff.

Signing up is easy and hassle free – not only do you not have to be a student in order to bag this offer (too right, they get far too many privileges as it is), but you don’t have to hand over your debit card details, and also have the option to upgrade to a 12 month platinum membership for a mere ten pounds (usually £84.99).

There may be something of a stigma attached to discount cards, with many people feeling they are only accepted in sub-standard establishments, but this simply isn’t the case with Hi-Life. Take a look below at four of my personal favourites from Leeds city centre:

Chino Latino

Hidden away inside the Park Plaza Hotel, just opposite Leeds Train Station, this gem of a place serves up a mouth-watering selection of fusion cuisine, in a setting that can best be described as Asian art décor (if there’s such a thing, I know sweet FA about interior design). The menu takes inspiration from Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and China, and they really have taken the best from each.


Chino Latino Sirloin on hot rocks.

I can highly recommend the Chicken wings inside out, the sirloin steak on hot rocks and the Malaysian chicken breast, and I still have their award winning Lobster jungle curry on my to do list. Like many hotel restaurants, Chino Latino isn’t cheap, but they really do offer a unique taste experience that you won’t find elsewhere in Leeds.

Chino Latino, Park Plaza, City Square, Boar Lane. Check out Chino Latino @ Hi-Life

To book, call 0113 3804 080

Midtown Grill

The Midtown Grill is another one of Leeds’ unsung heroes that is often overlooked as it’s tucked inside a hotel, with no high street presence. Since opening within the Marriott Hotel nearly three years back, this high-end steak house has gradually become of the city’s best kept secrets.


Midtown Grill Steak and Lobster

Although they have gone for a contemporary, U.S feel inside the restaurant, local diners will be pleased to see they stock both Gold Standard USDA steak, as well as top quality Yorkshire cuts too. The service is brilliant too, with some of the best trained waiting staff I’ve experienced, who really know their steak and wine menu inside out.

You can also use Hi-Life here seven days a week, so take advantage and go at the weekend to soak up the lively atmosphere.

Midtown Grill, Marriott Hotel, 4 Trevelyan Square, Boar Lane. Check out Midtown Grills Hi-Life terms here.

To book, call 0113 2366 399


Having had a run of distinctly average curries in Leeds at two of the city centre’s biggest chains, it was a welcome relief that I finally gave Shabab a chance. Sitting under the train station, what was formerly Dino’s Italian many moons ago is now one of our finest curry houses. I dropped in with a few mates early one Sunday evening, to be greeted by friendly staff who were more than up for our drunken chit chat.


Exceptional lamb dish at Shababs.


Feeling brave, I tried their hottest chicken dish (I forget the name) which was indeed mighty spicy, whilst still being big on flavour. The dish of the night went to the Lamb Achar, by far the best lamb dish I’ve tasted. Forget the rest, this place is the place for curry lovers to dine.

Shabab, 1 Bishopgate Street – check out Shabab’s Hi-Life terms here.

To book, call 0113 242 7012

Thai Edge

Holding its own against the other Thai giants in the city centre, Thai Edge, located just across from Millennium Square, is unique enough to last for many more years to come. The menu is huge, so make sure you have a large Singha on hand as you peruse your options.


Off to a good start: Mixed Grilled Platter

I have only eaten here the once, just the other week, but everything was spot on, and the Mixed Grilled Platter starter and Chef Anon’s special were both a cut above. Read my full review here  to get the whole picture, but like Shabab, this is somewhere I plan to visit on a regular basis.

Thai Edge, New Portland Street, 7 Calverley Street. Check out their Hi-Life terms here.

To book, call 0113 2436 333