Razorpit Review: shave a small fortune off your razor bill

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending money on razor blades. With every new Gillette release, the price seems to go up and up, but yet the quality of the blade remains exactly the same.I had noticed the Razorpit blade sharpener being sold on a few sites a couple of years ago, and after reading several glowing reviews, decided to purchase one back in February.

I picked mine up the Teneo 3-in1 model from Mankind for £19.99. Mankind is a brilliant website specialising in male grooming products, who often offer free gifts as incentives. Now this may sound like a lot of money to spend on a shaving product, but it is now July and I haven’t bought any razors since. I already had two Gillette Mach 3 blades, and I’ve been on the second blade for what seems like forever.

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The product comes in two parts; a base that allows you to stand your razor, sharpener and replacement blades, and the sharpener itself. It’s a piece of cake to use, when you’ve finished shaving, simply apply a tiny amount of shaving gel to the sharpener, and push the blade along it at least four times. Then rinse your blade, and it will look like new. Hard to believe a piece of silicon can do this, but it works.

In order to be extra savvy with your monies, purchase a copy of GQ this month (3.99) and you get a free Wilkinson Sword razoeight quid – plus Jessica Alba in her swimwear to boot, bargain. The free razor they gave away a couple of months ago is still in its packaging, as I’ve not had to use a new blade since this find. The makers of Razorpit claim the product is imperishable, but I didn’t keep the receipt, so if they are lying, I’m screwed.


GQ…free razor an d Jessica Alba make this another no-brainer purchase.

If this catches on, and the hipster beard trend continues, the likes fo Gillette might have to reconsider their extortionate prices. So there you go – I can’t recommend this product anymore, it will save you a small fortune.