Leeds Best Takeaway’s: Get Baked with Mr Nice

How many times have you been drunk, greedily ordered a takeaway burger and a ton of sides, then finally open the box excitedly to reveal an anaemic looking, piece of crap burger that you wouldn’t feed a stray dog sober? Well it doesn’t have to be like that anymore, as Mr Nice is here, offering restaurant quality, gourmet burgers that can give the likes of Reds a run for their money in the taste stakes.

This latest venture is the brainchild of the Leeds based genius that brought us Get Baked, which is essentially a cake, pie and candy delivery service aimed squarely at the very lucrative stoner market. I do like a good, homegrown success story, and Get Baked is certainly that. As of now they have 42,524 Facebook followers and counting – not bad for a business started by a Leeds lad at his mum’s house in 2011.


The Hector Salamanca Burger

Fast forward to 2014, and Get Baked have already seen a mad rush of orders to their Meanwood based takeaway, and are about to open their first restaurant near Leeds University, aptly named ‘The Joint’. They also run their own social media better than anyone I’ve ever seen, proving that if you know what you’re doing, there’s no need to pay a digital agency thousands of pounds to do it for you. Check them out on Facebook, their updates are highly amusing.

So onto the food served at Mr Nice. I’ve eaten from here twice now, and have been mightily impressed on each occasion (and I wasn’t stoned either, I can’t handle that shit). The menu is very much U.S inspired, but they have been bold and really gone for it with some of the toppings. I went for the Hector (7.95), which consists of a 100% beef patty seasoned with chillies, chorizo, deep fried jalapenos, chilli cheddar and sayonara hot sauce for extra kick. It was as awesome as it sounds.


Mr Nice Philly Cheese Fries…a meal in itself.

The Philly Cheese Fries (5.95) may seem a bit steep in price, but when you see and taste the quality of the ingredients, you know where your money’s gone. They come topped with melted cheddar, crispy bacon, thick chunks of beef brisket and bacon salt. I’ve had a similar side at a well-known joint in town I won’t name, but all I’m saying is that they’re ‘the pits’ in comparison to these.

Last time I ate there, I decided to go for the Ohio Burger (6.95) which my boss couldn’t recommend enough, and feeling greedy, I went double. The Ohio is the one that King of Rock and Roll, Elvis would go for, had he not died not taking a dump back in the day. It comes with cheese, crunchy peanut butter, bacon and BBQ sauce – not to everyone’s taste, but it really does work.


Get some nuts…Snickers Cake

If the burgers aren’t enough for you, they also deliver their amazing homemade cakes too. I sampled the Daim Bar cake and the Snickers Cake (both 2.50), with the latter winning hands down. So Mr Nice is without doubt the best fast food you can get to your door in Leeds. Let’s hope that this marks the beginning of the end for sub-par, rat-infested takeaway’s that prey on the drunk and stoned by selling shite food from dirty kitchens. Amen.

Order online at Mr Nice Guys, open seven days a week, 18:00-00:00